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If you're looking for an inclusive church where you can grow closer to God, come to Faith Community Church. As a member of our congregation, you'll receive love and support from your local church family. We want to uplift every member of our community and become a beacon of hope for those trying to reconnect to their faith. Our doors are open to people in Shreveport, LA of all backgrounds.

We want to make a difference in your life, our community and the world. Call 318-227-2204 now to learn about our worship services.

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At Faith Community Church, you'll find a community of believers ready to welcome all with open arms. We don't care about the clothes you wear or where you're from-our focus is on strengthening your relationship with God. Our local church offers...

  • Worship services twice a week
  • Supportive worship groups
  • Special church events

You'll form lasting relationships in the community while deepening your knowledge of God's word. When you're at Faith Community Church, you're home.